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If you are struggling with a mental health concern, substance use disorder, or dual diagnosis, finding a good online therapist can really help you turn a corner in your recovery. When addiction and mental health issues become overwhelming, it’s important to have access to proper and professional treatment. At Sunstone Recovery in Bend, Oregon, we strive to provide the highest quality rehabilitation services in the state. Learn more about Sunstone Recovery today and make your lifelong health and wellbeing a priority in your life.

Addiction Treatment Services

Sunstone Recovery is proud to serve families across Oregon with a variety of addiction treatment services and addiction therapy programs. For example, we offer numerous therapeutic interventions, such as:

  • Group Therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Family therapy

When you enter our care, we’ll work with you to find the root causes of your addiction. This will help us develop a custom, unique, and personal treatment plan to address these concerns. Moreover, we offer dual diagnosis treatment and an intensive outpatient program to give you flexibility in rehab.

Sunstone Recovery serves people ages 18 and over.

Our Addiction Treatment Center in Bend, Oregon

There are many benefits to entering treatment. When you enter our care, we make your concerns our priority. Furthermore, we will ensure your safety, comfort, and support at all times.

Our staff has the expertise and compassion to help you improve day-by-day on a path to recovery. With our substance abuse treatment programs, you will quickly recognize growth toward sobriety, no matter how little or big each stride is.

It’s important to learn more about Sunstone Recovery before you decide on the right path in treatment. Specifically, we want to earn your trust so you can rest easy each night knowing you’re in good hands. We are committed to your lifelong sobriety journey and want you to completely focus on the task at hand. Therefore, our specialists will be by your side at every step to make sure you are comfortable and confident.

Mental Health Treatment Services

In addition to addiction treatment services, we provide mental health services to those with addiction and mental illness. In fact, treating both disorders together in dual diagnosis treatment greatly reduces relapse and the reoccurrence of symptoms.

Our mental health services in Bend, OR include:

  • Anxiety treatment program
  • Depression treatment program
  • Bipolar disorder treatment program
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) treatment program
  • Mood disorder treatment program

At Sunstone Recovery, we believe in treating the whole person when addressing symptoms of mental illness and addiction. Our specialized programs provide the individualized care needed for recovery.

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Are you currently struggling with addiction in your life? If so, Sunstone Recovery is here to help you create your own path to sobriety. Don’t let substance abuse become a hindrance to your life and those around you.

To learn more about Sunstone Recovery, contact our friendly staff today. You can contact us online or talk to our team by calling 855.833.9199 for more information about available programs. We look forward to guiding you in recovery as overall wellness is attainable with support and effective treatment.