The addiction recovery journey is lifelong, but there are certain aspects that can make an immediate impact. From addiction treatment to therapy programs, your path to sobriety will be unique to you. However, one thing is for sure. Addiction therapy programs are the foundation to any high-quality treatment regimen.

With therapeutic intervention, you can learn how you developed an addiction in the first place. Moreover, you will begin to reflect on your substance abuse and how it affects the world around you. This includes your personal and professional experiences in life.

How Addiction Therapy Programs Can Make A Difference

Addiction therapy programs in Oregon

First and foremost, there are a wide range of therapies available at Sunstone Recovery. These include group meetings and individual sessions. Overall, each session will have a specific goal in mind to ensure you remain focused on your recovery. We will begin to track your growth each day and note any setbacks, concerns, and experiences along the way. In fact, this will help us gain a better understanding of your addiction while making minor adjustments to your treatment plan to correlate with your daily improvements.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is a key therapeutic protocol in place at the best facilities across the country. This lets your family heal as well during your recovery. Specifically, they will learn more about your substance abuse and addiction as a disease. They’ll also begin to understand their role in your recovery as a support network.

Group Counseling

Group counseling is integral to any good addiction therapy programs. This is a setting in which you can learn from others in similar situations, build connections, and open up about your struggles and your experience. In many cases, you will build friendships that last a lifetime through group therapy.

Individual Therapy

Many people find it hard to open up in group or family settings. This is where individual therapy comes into play. Here, you can speak with a personal counselor in a private setting. This will help you discover the root causes of your addiction while learning new ways to cope in a positive, healthy manner.

Learn More About Our Addiction Therapy Programs

Are you ready to enter our intensive outpatient program in Bend, Oregon? If so, reach out today for more information about the benefits of our addiction therapy programs. To learn more, contact Sunstone Recovery at 855.833.9199. We’re here to guide you away from substance abuse and into lifelong recovery.