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Has your addiction recovery had one setback after another? Are you struggling to find the perfect addiction treatment program for your needs? Some people find it hard to open up when it comes to their addiction, but Sunstone Recovery is here to help. With our group therapy program in Bend, Oregon, you can learn from others who are also facing addiction.

Benefits of Our Group Therapy Bend, Oregon Trusts

Group therapy program and group therapy in OregonOur group therapy program can make more of an impact than you may think during your treatment. Overall, a group setting gives you numerous benefits. You can learn and relate to others, gain invaluable connections, and reflect on your actions and experience with addiction.

It’s difficult to put into words how impactful opening up to others can be. Moreover, this is a judgement-free zone. These individuals are also facing addiction in their own lives. They will be able to relate to your experience while helping you learn new coping methods that have worked for them. This back-and-forth discussion can be very healthy and beneficial during recovery.

Specifically, our group therapy program in Bend, Oregon will have goals for each session. The group will work towards these goals and have specialized discussions that relate to these goals. Furthermore, every session includes a counselor who can ensure the goals are met, everyone is held accountable, and that everyone stays on topic during the meeting.

Group Therapy in Combination With Other Therapies

Group therapy, on its own, won’t give you a complete recovery. Therefore, we offer various addiction therapy programs at Sunstone Recovery. These programs include:

  • Dual diagnosis
  • Individual therapy
  • Family therapy

Family therapy is also in a group setting, but with those closest to you. Here, we can help your family understand more about your addiction and what you’re really going through. They can also learn how their encouragement and support can play a major role in the success or failure of your recovery.

Overcome Addiction in Our Group Therapy Program

Don’t overlook group therapy due to fears of opening up in front of others. Use this judgement-free zone to make real strides toward sobriety. For more information about our group therapy program in Bend, Oregon, reach out to our staff today. You can contact us now at 855.833.9199 to learn more. Sunstone Recovery is here to answer all your questions about the admissions process and program options.