Are you someone who struggles to open up to others in a group setting? In this case, an individual therapy program in Bend Oregon may be your best option during addiction recovery. This type of therapy gives you a private setting to talk through your addiction experience and any underlying issues you may be facing.

How an Individual Therapy Program Works

Individual therapy program and individual counseling in Oregon

You may be wondering how individual counseling works. First, you will meet with a counselor and learn more about each other. This will help you build trust with this specialist and they can begin to learn about your addiction history, life, family, work, and more. Over time, your sessions will begin to dive deeper into your addiction. This will help you learn more about the root causes of your addiction.

The counselor will become a source of comfort and someone you can trust and rely on. They will help you make positive changes in your life while giving you a comforting space to reflect on the journey before you.

Without an individual therapy program in Bend Oregon, you may struggle to recognize any real improvements you’ve made during rehab. The sessions will track your progress and make note of any setbacks or difficulties. This will help your counselor make effective changes to your treatment plan that addresses these concerns.

Individual Counseling and Dual Diagnosis

If you are struggling with an addiction and mental illness, the individual therapy program can be very beneficial. During this time, you will learn how the addiction and mental disorder influence one another. The experience can be eye-opening and you can make huge strides forward each and every session.

Once you recognize which came first, the addiction or the mental illness, you can begin to overcome them with targeted treatment. The counselor will help bring light to these factors and work directly with you throughout each stage of the process.

Outside of dual diagnosis care, we also offer:

As you can see, we offer a combination of programs and therapies to give you a variety of options when entering our care. Furthermore, your individual therapy program will be specific to your circumstances and experiences. You won’t receive a generic program that is available to everyone. Each and every individual will have their own, custom approach to rehabilitation.

For more information about our individual therapy program in Bend Oregon, reach out today. You can contact our staff now at 855.833.9199. We look forward to working with you through effective individual counseling techniques.