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Finding out your addiction comes with a diagnosis of a mood disorder makes you feel hopeless, at first. But look at your condition more clearly. Knowing that your earlier undiagnosed mood problems possibly led to your addiction means you now hold the power for real change in your life. Instead of self-medicating through drugs or alcohol, you now can get the real mental health treatment you needed all along. Seek addiction treatment with the bipolar disorder or depression treatment program that you need.

Which Comes First, Addiction or a Mood Disorder?

female patient takes a break during mood disorder treatmentSunstone Recovery’s mood disorder treatment programs always incorporate education about addiction and mood disorders. At first, you probably wonder whether the mood disorder came first or your substance abuse caused the problem. For most people, mental health problems come first. Underlying mental health conditions often contribute heavily towards addiction.

You may not have known about your condition, but that disorder’s roots had formed. Early symptoms of these undiagnosed conditions often lead people to abuse drugs or alcohol for some relief. You come to depend on this self-medication, and substance abuse issues begin to spiral.

For other people, mood disorders develop because of the chemical changes substance abuse causes in the brain. As brain chemicals imbalance, messages do not properly flow in your body’s messaging center. Like any miscommunication, this causes problems. Your moods fluctuate and a disorder develops as your brain adapts to the unhealthy changes.

Really, it does not matter whether your mood disorder came first or the substance abuse triggered your condition. The most important first step is seeking substance abuse treatment and a high-quality mood disorder treatment program that you need. For this specialized care, you need help from a dual diagnosis program at Sunstone Recovery in Bend, Oregon.

What Will Mood Disorder Treatment Provide for Me?

In your mood disorder treatment program at Sunstone Recovery, you receive an array of therapies, education programs, and support. These methods help you understand your dual diagnosis. Our mission is to provide individualized, high-quality dual diagnosis treatment to each individual that comes through our doors.

At our center, you learn about what it takes to keep your mental health stable and your substance abuse from relapsing. After all, if you return to poor mental health, you face a greater likelihood of relapse. The same cycle begins again if you use drugs or alcohol, sending your mental health into a downward spiral. Each condition fuels the other, so your new life is a balance of keeping yourself stable and healthy.

In your mood disorder treatment program, you need multiple types of therapy. These therapies help you heal your past problems, just as you adapt for a better future. You go through group therapy, one of the most beneficial types of therapy for addiction recovery and positive social growth. You also meet with a counselor one-on-one, to dig more deeply into your own needs. Family therapy helps you heal and grow within your family unit, just as this treatment helps your family heal from the addiction’s damage. Learn more about evidence-based therapies at Sunstone Recovery:

  • Family Counseling
  • Group Therapy
  • Individual Counseling
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

One of the most important aspects of your treatment is coping skills development. To put it bluntly, you need better coping skills to manage your mental health issues. By maintaining good mental health, you remain strong in recovery. Without these coping skills, you risk falling into relapse.

Programs and Therapies Needed for Lasting Recovery from Addiction and Mood Disorders

Everyone at Sunstone Recovery understands your dual diagnosis struggles. Our treatment in Bend, Oregon focuses on giving you the strength, resilience, insights, and capabilities you need for lasting recovery. From your first day of treatment to your last, your focus is on a better life that you build and maintain mental wellness.

You can live a drug or alcohol-free life forever, with the mental stability you crave. That life waits for you beyond your intensive outpatient treatment at Sunstone Recovery. All you need to start this new life is to call Sunstone Recovery at 855.833.9199.

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