Every Oregon addiction treatment center is unique in its own way. At Sunstone Recovery in Bend, Oregon, we embrace this idea and strive to provide excellent therapy and treatment each and every day.

When you enter our care, you aren’t considered another client. In fact, we stand by your side at all times. We know how difficult addiction and mental illness can be. This is an overwhelming and stressful time in your life, but our specialists will give you the support and guidance to bring about real change in your life. With addiction treatment Bend Oregon residents can rely on, you can rest easy each night knowing you are making the right strides toward sobriety.

Best Addiction Treatment Bend Oregon Has to Offer

Oregon addiction treatment center in Bend

At Sunstone Recovery, we have the experience and training to provide the highest quality treatment in the state. Furthermore, our Oregon addiction treatment center is a safe haven with privacy and a comforting environment.

Many people fail to enter treatment due to feelings of shame or embarrassment. However, it takes a lot of courage and commitment to overcome addiction. Entering treatment isn’t shameful, and our team recognizes the courage it takes to fight this disease. When your enter our men’s rehab or women’s rehab programs in OR, we will help you gain an understanding of your addiction in a private, safe, and encouraging atmosphere.

We will earn your trust with effective therapies and addiction treatment Bend Oregon has come to count on. Each and every day can have its ups and downs in recovery, but our staff will be there every step of the way.

Programs at our Oregon Addiction Treatment Center

Sunstone Recovery is offers an intensive outpatient program and dual diagnosis treatment, along with a variety of therapies. For example, our addiction therapy programs include:

In group counseling, you will learn from peers in recovery. This is a time to make connections and relate to others who are in similar situations. Specifically, group therapy can be very beneficial in your recovery journey. Perspective is very important during rehab, and you may gain a completely different outlook on life during group sessions.

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When addiction takes control of your life, it’s important to recognize your problem and seek professional help. At our Oregon addiction treatment center, you can begin again with an exciting, sober future ahead of you. Contact Sunstone Recovery today at 855.833.9199 for more information about the admissions process. Learn more about our addiction treatment the Bend Oregon community trusts.