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Many college students find that their use of alcohol or drugs interferes with their educational goals, health, relationships, friendships, and family life. Such problems often remain unnoticed until they get out of control. At Sunstone, we provide remote access to therapy for college students via telehealth. Contact us by calling 855.833.9199 to learn more about our innovative telehealth counseling program for college students.

Are More College Students Becoming Addicted Due to Covid?

Covid-19 has forced many college students to limit their social circles and activities to stop the spread of the virus. While most cultural events near Bend are closed, liquor stores are still open. While some college students are able to use psychoactive substances without losing control of their lives, many cannot. Clinicians at Sunstone are available to help students who find that their lives have become unmanageable. People with existing mental health issues may be at a greater risk of developing a substance use disorder. College students with mental health concerns may benefit from our dual diagnosis treatment options.

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Is My Child’s Drinking and Drug Use Out of Control?

If you have noticed an unexplainable change in your child’s behavior, it could be the result of a developing substance use disorder. The following characteristics may indicate a problem with drugs or alcohol:

  • Dramatic behavior changes
  • Anger and aggression
  • DUIs or arrests
  • Declining academic performance
  • Vaping or smoking cigarettes
  • Inability to keep a job
  • Changes in appearance or weight
  • Slurred or accelerated speech
  • Sleep problems

Most parents ask their college-age students about their drinking or drug use; it’s normal to want to know how your child spends their time when they’re away from you. If you are concerned that your child is starting to rely on alcohol or drugs to feel normal, promptly addressing the issue might save their lives. Ask your child if they’re drinking or using drugs regularly. If they become angry or withdrawn when confronted, this may indicate that they are struggling with the beginning stages of substance use disorder. We offer the following types of treatment via telehealth:

  • Xanax addiction treatment
  • Cocaine addiction treatment
  • Opioid addiction treatment
  • Alcohol addiction treatment

Healing Starts at Sunstone Recovery 

At Sunstone, we address lifestyle choices that may contribute to alcohol and drug use and the problems resulting from that use. A range of strategies, including decision-making for risk reduction, are offered. If you have questions or concerns about a college student’s mental health or substance use, contact Sunstone Recovery in Bend, Oregon, to ask about a consultation or to make a virtual appointment. Our therapists strive to make our services as convenient and student-friendly as possible. It is never too early for your child to get the help they need. Contact us by calling 855.833.9199, or contact us online to learn more about our supportive therapy options for college-aged students.

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