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woman with arms outstretched after staying at the holistic rehab center in bend orHolistic treatments are becoming an increasingly popular method of dealing with healthcare issues, and substance abuse treatment is no exception. The rising availability of holistic rehab centers in Bend, OR, provides people with an innovative approach to addiction management. Unlike older rehab centers that focused on locking up addicts until they were clean, holistic rehab provides a gentler and more effective treatment. Decide if this rehab style is right for your situation by learning more about what you can expect during holistic rehab programs in Oregon.

What Makes a Holistic Rehab Center in Bend, OR, Different From Traditional Rehab?

The phrase “holistic” refers to a type of treatment that tries to treat the entire body at once. This is instead of focusing on a single aspect of a person’s health. It comes from the realization that all parts of the body are closely connected. A person’s physical health may affect their mental health or other medical conditions.

Traditional rehab typically involves medication to treat the physical aspects of addiction and basic therapy to help patients deal with cravings. Holistic therapy does include all these standard and highly effective parts of rehab. But it also includes a wide range of alternative and recreational therapies. This includes yoga, acupuncture, massage, animal care programs, nutritional changes, and more. These help patients heal their minds, let go of stress, rebuild their lives, and come to terms with the past consequences of addiction.

Some of the services Sunstone Recovery offers at our holistic rehab program in Oregon include:

Benefits of Selecting the Holistic Rehab Center in Bend, OR

2004 research indicates that people are most likely to succeed when they can find a rehab center that matches their personality and goals. Therefore, holistic rehab is an excellent choice for those who like alternative healing techniques and want to avoid traditional medicine. A big advantage of these programs is that they tend to be highly individualized. You work with a counselor to find the right treatments for you instead of getting a one-size-fits-all treatment program.

With a broader approach to treatment and wellness, holistic rehab is also ideal for people struggling with a co-occurring mental health disorder. They give you access to dual diagnosis treatments that can help improve all parts of your life. This helps when addressing past trauma, mental health problems, chronic pain, and other underlying causes of addiction. Even if you do not prefer alternative therapies or need to treat other health problems, holistic rehab programs provide treatments that are an excellent complement to traditional treatments at rehab centers in Bend, Oregon. With their soothing and interesting programs, they help cut back on stress and encourage positive thinking during a challenging part of your life.

How to Tell If You Need Holistic Rehab

How do you tell if holistic rehab programs in Oregon are the best option for you? Of course, any type of addiction treatment center in Bend, Oregon, is better than trying to fight addiction on your own. Any time physical dependency occurs, you need to find the right substance abuse treatment center. However, you may do particularly well with holistic rehab if you have tried other centers and found their programs were too strict and clinical for you. If you do best in a calming setting with supportive staff, holistic rehab provides a great alternative. It can also be the right decision for you if you particularly enjoy alternative therapy or want to try a new approach to treating your addiction.

Having a substance use disorder is definitely challenging, but it does not have to control your entire life when you contact us. At Sunstone Recovery, we can provide the care you need to heal your mind, body, and emotions. Take the first step toward sobriety by giving Sunstone Recovery Bend, Oregon, a call now at 855.833.9199.