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man talking to counselor about men's rehab program Oregon at the men's rehab center OregonIn any rehab program dealing with substance abuse, mental health, and trauma, a good rehab center handles each young man individually. If you or anyone you care about is struggling with substance abuse, you need to find a dedicated men’s rehab center in Oregon. Reach out to the dual diagnosis treatment center in Oregon for substance use and mental health disorder treatment.

How Men’s Rehab Center in Oregon Helps

When a man is recovering from substance abuse, he may suffer low self-esteem, anger, stress, failure to launch, and many other issues. These issues significantly affect men recovering from substance abuse. For this reason, the men’s rehab center is unique to the needs of young men recovering from substance abuse. The program can help you to:

  • Achieve sobriety and stay sober
  • Become self-dependent
  • Avoid relapse by identifying emotional and physical triggers
  • Manage their stress
  • Embrace positivity in all life situations
  • Deal with disorders that co-occur, including depression and anxiety
  • Forget their trauma

Besides dealing with men as a unique group, most rehab centers personalize a substance abuse men’s rehab program. Even though men have the same challenges hindering their recovery, individual experiences are different. The personalized programs combine medication, therapy, and conventional and holistic modalities to treat mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical needs. Emotional and physical triggers, as well as motivations to abuse, are unique to every man. Therefore, the doctor works with each man to identify these triggers.

What to Expect in a Men’s Rehab Center in Oregon

The severity of addiction and the conditions surrounding the addiction vary. A tailored men’s rehab center program works to correct the issues individual men face. We have several programs to treat substance abuse, including:

If the addiction is not severe, the doctor might recommend an intensive outpatient program in Bend, OR. A patient might go through all the addiction treatment and therapy programs if their previous experience makes them prone to substance abuse relapse.

Whichever program you choose, counseling and addiction treatment provide insight into the root causes of addiction. Outpatient programs address the psychological, behavioral, and social problems you might be facing. As such, a form of assessment and counseling coincide with men’s rehab programs in OR.

Intensive Outpatient Program in a Men’s Rehab Center in Oregon

Intensive outpatient programs, or IOP, is available for men who suffer from addiction or substance use disorders. Generally, you stay at home but attend meetings at night or on weekends to meet your schedule. The men’s IOP addresses unique addiction issues from the perspective of fathers, sons, and brothers. It also focuses on developing personal accountability and responsibility.

The structure of treatment programs in IOP is, at times, confrontational. The activities clients engage in help them identify damaging beliefs, destructive patterns of behavior, self-concepts, and anything else that pulls them back to addiction. By the time you are through with the program, you will be more confident at your job (or school) and have a healthy social life.

Take Back Your Life at Sunstone Recovery

Addiction takes a piece of your life. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. You can get treatment and reclaim your life. Contact Sunstone Recovery if you need an intensive men’s rehab program in Oregon. Call 855.833.9199 and start your recovery journey. We help you deal with life during treatment and after treatment.