There are many confusing terms in the medical realm, especially for addiction treatment. One such term is “substance use disorder.” Is this disorder the same as addiction? What does the phrase mean when it is your diagnosis?

First, you will require treatment for your substance use disorder in a rehab facility. In substance use disorder treatment in Bend, OR, you receive an array of therapies. These therapies include group and family therapies. You also go through an individual psychotherapy program for addiction, also called one-on-one therapy. Together, these therapies and your treatment programs help you put substance abuse behind you for a better future.

What is a Substance Use Disorder?

Woman talks to her client about his substance use disorderAccording to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition, a substance use disorder (SUD) results from the use of 10 categories of drugs. These include caffeine, alcohol, marijuana, hallucinogens, inhalants, opioids, sedatives, stimulants, tobacco, and other unknown chemicals. These substances activate your brain’s reward system and cause problems to the point that you neglect your normal activities for your drug. At that point, when you choose your drug addiction over healthy activities and responsibilities, you suffer a SUD.

A SUD involves a pattern of symptoms. These symptoms occur because you keep using your drug, even with the problems it causes you. With your SUD, you experience effects like intoxication, tolerance, withdrawal, and co-occurring mental health problems.

Criteria for a SUD

Don’t suffer a SUD. Get substance use disorder treatment in Bend, OR. These criteria come from a list of 11 common effects and problems. The more of these criteria you suffer, the worse your SUD will be.

The 11 criteria for a substance use disorder include using the substance more often, in larger amounts, or for a lengthier period of time than you intended. You want to stop using but cannot do so on your own. In fact, you spend too much time obtaining, using, and recovering from the effects of your substance. You suffer cravings and neglect your responsibilities as a result of your substance abuse.

Also, as a result of your SUD, you stop pursuing or attending favorite activities. Even when the drug puts you in danger, you use it. You continue using, despite knowing it causes or worsens your physical or mental condition. Over time, you develop tolerance and need to use more of your drug to feel its effects and also start to experience withdrawal if you try to quit.

The Severity of Your Substance Use Disorder

As you probably know, a SUD is an addiction. Doctors also rate your disorder according to its severity, when diagnosing you and prescribing treatment. If you suffer only two to three of the above symptoms, you suffer a mild SUD. You have a moderate addiction if you experience four to five of the above effects. Having six or more of these symptoms means you suffer a severe SUD.
The only healthy and safe way out of an addiction is through professional treatment at a quality rehab center in Bend, OR. The programs and therapies you need include:

You find all of these programs and therapies at Sunstone Recovery in Bend, Oregon. Learn more about your own substance use disorder and its severity, as well as the treatment you need, by calling Sunstone Recovery at 855.833.9199. Without treatment, your condition only gets worse. So call Sunstone Recovery and start getting the help you need for a better life.