Heroin dependency isn’t something that only happens to other people. In fact, you might have developed it after struggling with a pain pill addiction. Opioids are a common gateway drug. No matter how you got here, Sunstone Recovery is the heroin addiction treatment center in Bend OR you can count on.

Seek Help With Heroin Addiction TreatmentHeroin Addiction Treatment Center Bend OR residents can count on overall

Check into an Oregon addiction treatment center to deal with the chemical dependency. Because opiate withdrawal can be tremendously painful, it has a high failure rate. When you attempt to quit using at home alone, you might run into problems. If you do relapse, the use of your standard dose can be enough to bring on fatal side effects.

Withdrawal symptoms include initial bouts of depression and agitation. Your muscles spasm. You sweat and feel nauseated. For many, the gastrointestinal upset can create dangerous dehydration.

That’s why medical supervision during the process is essential. Not only does it provide pain relief, but it also protects your health. Medical professionals intervene when necessary. There’s no reason to suffer pain when you decide to quit heroin.

How a Heroin Addiction Treatment Center in Bend OR Could Change Your Life

Once you make it past the withdrawal symptoms, it’s time to focus on the psychological dependency. Learn how the drug hooked you in the first place. For clients struggling with mental health disorders, the nervous system depressant frequently met a need. For example, heroin could have helped with an anxiety disorder.

In extreme cases, it could have assisted with PTSD. Of course, there’s no actual benefit to abusing the drug. Rather, it’ll numb you for a short while so that your brain can turn off. However, dependency now creates a new set of problems. As cravings for the drug take over your life, you can’t focus on getting better.

At a heroin addiction treatment center in Bend OR, you learn to reset. You heal alongside adult peers who are also in recovery. Typical modalities include:

  • Group counseling that introduces you to peer accountability with an eye on future support group attendance
  • Family counseling as a way of repairing strained relationships with loved ones
  • Individual therapy, which encourages you to be honest with yourself about your motivation to use and recover
  • Behavioral therapy that helps you make changes to your coping mechanisms for long-term recovery
  • Intensive outpatient treatment that lets you heal on a schedule that works for you

The Importance of Treatment

There is an alarming dark figure of individuals suffering from addiction and underlying mental health disorders. Few receive a diagnosis until they enter heroin addiction treatment. Therefore, they self-medicate with detrimental results. Does this describe what you did?

Sunstone Recovery commits to helping you determine the underlying mental health concerns. After a thorough assessment, you receive the targeted care that lets you manage it. Almost all clients succeed in removing a significant trigger for substance abuse through this process.

Help Paying for Heroin Addiction Treatment

Did you know that current legislation requires health insurance companies to treat addiction the way they would other chronic illnesses? A Sunstone Recovery intake advisor can help with an insurance verification, which alerts you to the benefits under your plan. Besides that, you’ll find out about any co-pays and deductibles that you may have.

Find out more about your options at our heroin addiction treatment center in Bend OR. Sunstone Recovery therapists routinely work with good people just like you who got in over their heads with drugs. Contact us today at 8558339199 for immediate assistance.