Do you have an addiction to marijuana? Sunstone Recovery offers help at our marijuana addiction treatment center. We are dedicated to helping you address your addiction and find a path to full recovery. Our therapy techniques are geared toward relapse prevention that empowers during moments when you are tempted.

Since marijuana is legal in many places and easy to access, it can cause you to be tempted almost everywhere you go. We can counter these temptations by teaching you how to say no to marijuana forever. To find out more about our dual diagnosis treatment center for marijuana abuse, contact us.

Our Marijuana Addiction Treatment Center

This woman needs to seek help at a marijuana addiction treatment center.

Therapy is the cornerstone of what we do at Sunstone Recovery. We offer a combination of evidence-based and holistic treatment programs that get at the heart of the problem. Some of our most common treatments at our marijuana addiction treatment center in Bend, OR include:

Marijuana addiction therapy helps you overcome the triggers that can lead to a relapse. So, if you have tried to quit numerous times, but can’t seem to stop, we can help you find ways to get off of marijuana and stay off of it. You can learn to rebuild your life one step at a time without the need for a substance.

Dual Diagnosis for Marijuana Addiction

Have you ever asked yourself why you feel the need to smoke marijuana? If you are like other users, you may use it to self-medicate. What this means is that you could have some mental disorder as well.

For instance, you may have severe depression that you have a hard time dealing with. So instead of getting help, you turn to marijuana to cope. However, when you smoke marijuana over a long period, it causes your depression to get worse. This relationship between depression and marijuana is known as a co-occurring disorder. You suffer from an addiction and a mental health issue.

Dual diagnosis through Oregon substance abuse treatment programs seeks to treat both the addiction and mental disorder at the same time. When you get treatment for both, you are likely to overcome both at the same time. Dealing with your depression can help lighten the load of your addiction recovery.

How Do You Know When You Need Help?

Addiction does not just happen all at once. It takes a while to develop as your body slowly forms a dependency on the drug. For this reason, you have become so used to using the drug that you may not realize that you are addicted to it. It’s just a part of life.

There are some signs of addiction, including:

  • Continually craving the drug
  • Having to smoke more to get high
  • Spending every dollar on marijuana
  • Your work, family, and social life are all suffering
  • Trying to quit several times with no success
  • Smoking numerous times per day

If this is your story, then you may want to consider checking into the marijuana addiction treatment center at Sunstone Recovery. Our caring professionals and addiction therapy programs can help you find the right treatment plan and get you started today.

Call Us Today to Start Your Treatment Plan

If marijuana has taken over your life and you are ready to quit, then contact Sunstone Recovery. We are here to ensure that you can walk away from marijuana and live a life free from drug addiction. Call our marijuana addiction treatment center in Bend, OR today at 855.833.9199 for a consultation.