Addictions to heroin, morphine, codeine, and painkillers are challenging to live with. You want to quit using, but you don’t know how to do it. At the Sunstone Recovery opioid addiction treatment center in Bend OR, we routinely help good people like you. Here’s how we do it.

We Listen Intently to Your Needs in Opioid Addiction TreatmentOpioid Addiction Treatment Center Bend OR community can trust

Working with our Bend Oregon rehab center enables you to benefit from a therapeutic setting that focuses on your needs. Therapists customize clinical treatments to meet your needs. Because one size never fits all in recovery, you are the most critical member of the care team. We listen to your needs and create a care protocol that meets them.

What Goes on Inside the Opioid Addiction Treatment Center in Bend OR

Sunstone Recovery specialists rely on evidence-based modalities. This means that the therapies we use have helped other people stop using opioids. Similarly, it assisted them with relapse prevention. For example, these opioid addiction treatment options include:

  • Individual therapy that gives you the opportunity to meet privately with a therapist to discuss sensitive topics
  • Group therapy, which introduces you to peer dynamics in a sober environment with encouragement and accountability
  • Family therapy that gives those closest to you a better understanding of your goals, challenges, and needs
  • Coping skills development that introduces you to alternative methods for stress relief and trigger responses overall

Another important aspect of treatment is a psychiatric assessment. Therapists check for underlying mental health conditions. Many people experience symptoms of depression and anxiety but don’t recognize them as such. Rather than seeking help, they deal with symptoms themselves.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Can Change Your Life

Therapists refer to the presence of an underlying mental health condition as a dual diagnosis. The Sunstone Recovery opioid addiction treatment center in Bend OR recognizes the importance of providing support. Without learning how to manage the condition, you’re at high risk for relapse. Therefore, you undergo psychotherapy that concurrently focuses on the mental health situation.

For some clients, this might require the use of medicines. You might be surprised to notice how much better you feel when you manage the condition properly. Most importantly, you eliminate a significant trigger for substance abuse. It is the reason that co-occurring conditions respond well to targeted therapy.

Rehab Prepares You for a Life of Long-Term Sobriety

Relapse prevention training is an integral aspect of opioid addiction treatment. It starts on day one. Each modality emphasizes the need for looking at sobriety as a long-term process. Similarly, it requires constant vigilance.

During your time in the program, you learn new social skills. They help you navigate uncomfortable social situations with peers who encourage you to use. Besides that, you identify missing life skills that could make a difference in your ability to maintain a sober lifestyle. Examples include structuring of your day, budgeting decisions, and how to present yourself at a job interview.

With these skills in place, you feel comfortable living the new lifestyle you have chosen. Almost all clients opt for attendance at a support group that mimics what you experience during group sessions. Most like the social aspect while they also appreciate that people hold them accountable. Therapists can help you with finding a group in your area.

Find out more about our opioid addiction treatment center in Bend OR. Talk to a Sunstone Recovery intake specialist who’ll answer your questions. Call 8558339199 today.