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Substance abuse problems are a growing problem among young adults. The pressures of schoolwork, fitting in with peers, and planning a future can result in feelings of being constantly under pressure and overwhelmed. Young people may not even be aware that they have become addicted to substances. We offer a specially designed young adult rehab program in Bend, OR, to help these individuals develop more effective ways of coping with stress and to help them find workable solutions for a productive, substance-free life.

Determine Causes at Young Adult Rehab Program in Bend, OR

Young people are often under a great deal of pressure to “fit in.” They are discovering their own unique identities or a group of friends talking about there time at young adult rehab program bend ordeciding on academic or career paths. They may fall into a crowd of friends who seem to welcome them into the group while also exposing them to the use of drugs or alcohol. Some young adults have family problems that weigh on their minds and cause them to look for an escape. Other young people are getting over physical or emotional traumas that they try to cover with substance use. Some teens have undiagnosed and untreated mental health problems. These teens may try to manage their symptoms with drugs or alcohol use. Any of these issues or a combination of them can cause young people to look to artificial substances to help them cope with their emotions, impulses, and behaviors.

Look for Signs Through Our Young Adult Rehab Program in Bend, OR

The signs of addiction can sometimes be subtle and are not easily recognized by the young person. However, these symptoms often worsen until the individual is unable to manage normal daily life. These signs of a substance abuse problem can include:

  • Becoming very secretive about money or activities
  • Changes in friends or hangout locations
  • Mood changes, aggression, depression or hyperactivity
  • Withdrawal from normal social events or important activities
  • Deterioration of physical appearance
  • Legal problems or problems with other interactions
  • Neglecting responsibilities

Treatment for young adults with substance abuse problems requires special consideration of their developing psychologies. These young people often don’t understand the forces that cause them to act out their feelings. They may often need special help developing the self-control needed to recover from addiction. If they have mental health problems, they must learn to understand their condition and how to deal with it in order to live an effective life. These changes can take getting used to before individuals understand how important these measures are to maintaining their recovery.

Treatment at Young Adult Rehab Program in Bend, OR

Young adults often require a variety of treatment methods to help them understand and change their behavior. Each form of treatment in our young adult rehab center in Bend, OR, can add another tool for understanding behavior and for learning new ways to deal with the stress of recovery. At Sunstone Recovery, we offer:

  • Group counseling therapy
  • Individual therapy program
  • Family therapy program
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Intensive outpatient treatment
  • Neurofeedback therapy

Recovery from substance abuse requires learning new skills to manage emotions, deal with everyday problems, and restore healthy daily habits. Effective treatment is available in our young adult addiction treatment program in Oregon to provide these skills for a productive life. If you or a young adult in your family has a problem with alcohol or drug abuse, contact our outpatient-only young adult rehab center in Bend, OR, to receive treatment. We can help your loved one learn the skills needed to rebuild their lives. Call Sunstone Recovery in Bend, OR, at 855.833.9199 today.

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